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Joe Brancatelli
Joe Brancatelli is a publication consultant, which means that he helps media companies start, fix and reposition newspapers, magazines and Web sites. He is also the former executive editor of Frequent Flyer magazine and has been a consultant to or columnist for more business-travel and leisure-travel publishing operations than he can remember. He began his career as a business reporter and created JoeSentMe.com in the dark days after 9/11 while stranded in a hotel room in San Francisco. He lives on the Hudson River in Cold Spring, New York.

Joe Cocker, who has released only six solo albums in a decade, and not a single track in more than two years, has just recorded a "comeback" disc. It's no match for his earlier work. Yet even running on just a little more than empty, Joe Cocker is the best intrepretive artist we have this side of Ray Charles.