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Martin Deutsch's Book Nook

A life on the road with too many hours on planes and in hotel rooms has made Martin Deutsch a voracious reader. And he has opinions about what he reads.
     His 2020 Reading List
     His Great Reads List
All the President's Books
Very Interesting People
Writers Martin Loves
Some Good Mysteries
War Stories
Phil Baker Cuts the Cord

Can You Really Dump Cable?

Fed up with his overpriced cable service, tech wizard Phil Baker decided to cut the cord. In a four-part series, he explains it's not as easy--or cheap--as you think.
     The cable companies are forcing us to consider cutting the cord.
     Cutting the cord isn't as convenient as it should be.
     YouTube TV works on a computer or a TV monitor.
     Streaming is the future, but your mileage may vary.
Left to Our Own Devices

What Keeps Us Sane

Back in 2018, Joe Sent Me columnists described what kept them happy and sane. They chose an intriguing array of books, music and films.
     Martin Deutsch
     Ralph Raffio
     Will Allen
     Phil Baker
     Erica Firpo
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